The Music I Make 


Sad Girlz Club is obviously your new favorite band. We play punky poppish music from Sacramento and San Francisco, CA. We thrive on your attention so It's V important you give us plenty of it. We also all have arm tattoos. #toughgirlzlcub

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Animation Soundtrack 

Bringing to life fully realized environments through bleeps, bloops and beeps. Need an ambient drippy cave for a cool adventure kid to explore? Done. A somber back track for self reflection after a break up on the beach?  Yep. How about a third example in my list of listing stuff? Why not.

A boss approaches. Press play to fight!

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Hollywood Hotel

Established in 2012, Hollywood Hotel blends alternative punk and hardcore with a flare of mid twentieth century rock 'n' roll. I play the drums for the band and tell poorly timed dad jokes on stage. 

From our 2013 Self Titled EP,

Milk Bar, SF, CA 8/3/16